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Over the past two weeks, residents of Nur-Sultan, capital of Kazakhstan, have faced problems with access to the Internet. Officials explained that it was happening because of the new security system's testing.

It was said to be a part of «Cyber shield of Kazakhstan» which allows to increase the country's defense capability and counteract information wars. According to previously received statistics, the authorities managed to inspect a third of all traffic in the Nur-Sultan city.

TSARKA assumed the role of a moderator in this situation and it seems that we managed to reach the top management of the country and convey our arguments. From our point of view, the optimal solution has been reached in the course of negotiations with the participants of the process.

A few hours ago we were officially informed that the tests were completed, all the tasks set during the pilot were successfully solved. Those who have established the National Certificate may delete it since it will no longer be needed. The need for its installation may arise in cases of strengthening the digital border of Kazakhstan within the framework of special regulations.

We don’t know how you guys are, but we breathed a sigh of relief when we heard about this news. Everyone got their own: we got the free Internet, the government got an instrument for fighting digital weapons.

P.S. We are especially proud of our role in the process. It was difficult not to fall into a negative point and maintain neutrality, but now we are satisfied with ourselves.

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Бороться с пандемией и ее последствиями должны не только врачи и полицейские. Конкурс «Цифровое гражданство» позволит IT-специалистам, правозащитникам, студентам и всем желающим предложить свои решения для решения проблем в здравоохранении и образовании.



Исследование проведено с помощью нашего решения по мониторингу и защите веб-ресурсов WebTotem и ставит перед собой цель оценить безопасность официальных сайтов банков Казахстана и составить рейтинг.



Today Arman Abdrassilov made a report at the forum of the International Telecommunication Union at the UN in Sofia (Bulgaria). They told about our experience and joint work with MDAIRK.