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It was 28 hours of hot cyber battles between 18 hacker teams and 5 defense teams.

This year, our country was represented by 4 teams (3 hackers - TSARKA, Nitro, krasnye and 1 in defense - STS). About 8000 visitors of the conference PHDays watched The Standoff.


The Standoff, unlike other CTF-competitions, is the most realistic and close to real penetration testing process (information security audit). It shows real practical skills and  experience of teams.


All 28 hours, the leaders of The Standoff, with a big lead from the rest, were True0xA3 (Informzashchita (Infosec), Russia) and our team-TSARKA. By the middle of the competition, True0xA3 won in our nightly, decisive battle for control of several enterprises in the city’s infrastructure.

As a result, the True0xA3 team won the deserved first place, and we again took the second one.


By the way, this year, our team, in addition to the tasks of hacking service providers and several offices, managed to implement an attack on several industrial enterprises and gain control over their SCADA systems.


The team of the State Technical Service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan (STS) pleasantly surprised the community. It was their first participation, but they were favorites among the defenders until the last hour. According to the scenario of the organizers, the anonymous author gave access to the infrastructure defended by STS team to all hackers. Penalty points shook the lead and as a result, the first place was dramatically lost at 27th hour of The Standoff. Nevertheless, we congratulate the STS team with a brilliant debut and confirmation of their high qualification.


Thanks a lot to the organizers and the whole team of Positive Technologies for 28 hours of drive and adrenaline. They did a titanic work by building for us a whole city with a full-fledged real infrastructure.

Other News


Бороться с пандемией и ее последствиями должны не только врачи и полицейские. Конкурс «Цифровое гражданство» позволит IT-специалистам, правозащитникам, студентам и всем желающим предложить свои решения для решения проблем в здравоохранении и образовании.



Исследование проведено с помощью нашего решения по мониторингу и защите веб-ресурсов WebTotem и ставит перед собой цель оценить безопасность официальных сайтов банков Казахстана и составить рейтинг.



Today Arman Abdrassilov made a report at the forum of the International Telecommunication Union at the UN in Sofia (Bulgaria). They told about our experience and joint work with MDAIRK.