During familiarizing the President of the country with the SMART AQKOL project, all its participants, including TSARKA, presented their part of the work done.

Taking this opportunity, we told about our achievements, and, of course, we boasted of victories at various venues. We told about the Kaz’Hack’Stan conference and invited our President to take part in it. We are glad that Mr. Nazarbayev is familiar with the problems of information security and immediately told to those who were present the importance of cybersecurity issues in the modern world, and also asked us a few questions about the training of specialists and listened carefully to our position.

Instead of several minutes set aside for the protocol, the President spent about a quarter of an hour with us. During this time, we managed to demonstrate our two products - a high-speed IP-encoder, specially designed for this project, and the WebTotem monitoring and defense system for web resources. The President liked both our products, he gave several instructions to responsible people regarding to the products and thanked us for good work for the benefit of Kazakhstan. Leaving, Mr. Nazarbayev noted that this meeting is definitely not the last, and soon there will be another one.

For us it was an important event. We once again understood that we are going in the right direction and all our efforts are TRUE. The resulting charge will be enough for us for a long time, and now we are ready more than ever for new adventures.

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